Too many clicks in your EHR workflow?

Our intelligent agent can help. Here's how it works:

  • One keystroke instant open
  • Type what you want to do
  • That's it!
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Population Health data entry shouldn't slow you down or boggle your mind.

  • Measuring quality is no longer an option. The best organizations are using data to drive care and improve outcomes. But there's a problem.
  • EHRs weren't designed for the detailed, structured data required by today's quality measures. This means kludgey, hard-to-learn workflows that are painful at the point of care. We won't even mention jumping to another system to enter data.
  • Don't stay late to click in obscure data! Do it in the flow of your normal work. Our intelligent agent understands quality measures and knows how to enter the right data in your EHR. Even the crazy stuff.

Intuitive, easy workflow for your structured data pain points:

  • Denominator exclusions
  • Numerator exclusions
  • Outside referrals
  • Contraindicated medications
  • Everything else too!
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